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Horse-Bit Wallet


    This large leather wallet made from supple Italian leather has a complete range of compartments for maximum storage. The Tassel-Bit detail gives to this leather wallet is an elegant and discreet accessory with a casual chic look down to the smallest details.
    •  100% leather
    •  Hight quality Italian leather
    •  1 main zippered compartment

    •  1 zippered compartment
    •  8 compartments for credit and business cards
    •  3 separated note compartments

    Dimensions: 8"W x 4"H x0.5"D
    Care: To keep the original quality of this product intact, we recommend you avoid exposure to excess heat and water. If it gets wet in rain, please take care to wipe it dry immediately using a soft cloth. Any exposure to water or oil can cause staining. Also, prevent prolonged exposure to strong sunlight to avoid discoloration.

    About Adi Kissilevich: Adi Kissilevich’s designs are completely handmade and the stainless steel horse bits are custom-made for her creations. It is precisely her “Passion for Elegance” that will make her products yours to treasure, for years to come.

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